Dear Staff,

I just wanted to let your office know how pleased I was with my experience at your office…I’m afraid I left without really expressing my appreciation for the total service that I received. I am very pleased with the end results of the appearance of my front teeth. My highest compliments… teeth feel very natural and look fantastic. I really appreciate the time you took to ensure that the finish was just perfect! I am confident I will be referring patients to you in the future. I have had the opportunity to see other dentist’s work and I am positive that I selected the Best Dentist to restore my smile to its brightest.

Once again, thank you everyone for a job very well done!


L. G.

A big “thank you” to Dr. David for giving me back my smile.

As a senior citizen, I have used many dentist over the years. I can honestly say I have never used more conscientious dentist then Dr. Sonnier. He always makes sure I’m completely satisfied with my dental procedure. Dr. Sonnier’s staff is exceptional. They greet me with a smile at each visit. They make sure I’m comfortable throughout my dental procedure. The staff is knowledgeable and professional. The company name “Nederland Smile Docs” is certainly a fitting name!

He restored three implants in my mouth and they look like my natural teeth! Thank you.


Linda F.
Lumberton, Texas

Dr. Sonnier is not only a talented dentist who saved my husband’s front tooth. He genuinely cares about his patients. Before going to his office I had been seen by 3 other dentists. I have a wisdom tooth that is impossible to remove using standard methods. Dr. Sonnier was forced to refer me to a oral surgeon. He explained EVERYTHING to me and he did it in a way that I completely understood. The surgeon actually doing the procedure lost me a few times. Lol 😀 with the other dentists not only did they just simply tell me they were unable to extract my tooth and hand me a paper with a list of other dentists and surgeons on it. Dr. Sonnier guided me to someone who actually could remove the tooth and had his staff make a follow up call to make sure I was getting the help I needed. No one else bothered to check up on me once I left their offices. Even though he couldn’t help me he made sure someone was. If you are new to the area like I was or just looking for a new dentist look no further. I promise you will be just as happy as my family is with him and his staff.